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  Ever-Power Group HongXiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 1990, and specialized in casting, precise casting and fine machining. We have 4 production lines: automatic sand casting production line (Made in Japan), precise investment casting, Coated Sand Casting and resin sand casting. With strong technical strength and world-class advanced equipment, we can supply a wide range of stainless steel castings, ductile iron castings and grey iron castings and so on. Its annual production capability is over 20,000MT. Our main products: casting parts for auto like brake drums, bodies of front and back axles, engine support, wheels and hubs, gear housings, differential housing, valve bodies, Shifting fork, Bracket, flanges, stainless steel castings,Drive Shafts,Trcuk Driveline,PTO Shafts etc..

Products by Casting material
Products by Casting material

Products by Casting process
Products by Casting process
Products by final application
Products by final application
+Grey Cast Iron
+Ductile Cast Iron
+Alloy Steel Casting
+Stainless Steel Casting
+Carbon Steel Casting
+Corrsion Resistant Steel Casting
+Aluminum Pressure Die Casting
+Aluminum Gravity Die Casting
+Aluminum Sand Casting
+Aluminium Alloy Casting
+Refractory Steel Casting
+Copper alloy casting
+Zinc alloy casting
+Sand Casting
+Investment Casting/Lost Wax Casting
+Green Sand Casting
+Resin Sand Casting
+Coated Sand Casting
+Die Casting
+Pattern Service
+CNC Machining
+Steel ignot
+Forged pieces
+Brake drum
+Wheel Hubs
+Hub Reducers Parts
+Brake Discs
+Brake Rotors
+Auto Accessories
+Pipe Fitting & Valve Parts
+Electric Power Transmission
+Marine Parts
+Ship & Railway Parts
+Machinery Parts
+Electric Motor Parts
+Gear Cases
+Chair Parts
+Sewing Machine Parts
+Construction Parts
+Machine Tools Parts
+Medical Equipment Accessories
+Flywheel Casting Series
+Oil Pans & Cover Series
+Water & Oil Pump Series
+Heat Sink & Air Compressor Components
+Pump parts
+Hardware Tools
+Electric Power Tools
+Sports Equipment Parts
+Ornament Parts
+Wind Power Iron Castings

Automatic casting production line
( Imported from Japan)

Automatic casting production line

Automatic molding

Automatic molding

Automatic Sand process

Automatic Sand process

Sand Mixer ( Imported from France )

Sand Mixer

    Advance Equipment!
        High Quality!
                Tight control !
                    Low costs!

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